Flavoring Gluten-Free

Eating gluten-free has its challenges, especially if you want to keep many of the same tastes as you had before switching to the diet. You still want the cookies, cakes, breads, crackers and all similar, wheat-like foods. Fortunately, there are plenty of good choices that are perfect substitutes. You just have to be willing to spring for a bit more than usual on such items.

Hidden Gluten

Otherwise, it is easy to keep track of what has gluten and what does not. You should be getting a basic understanding. The vegetables are all clear and so are the fruits. It is the processed food you have to watch out for. Knowing that TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) contains wheat gluten is important. The same is true for cereals. Wheat gluten can hide in just about anything within a box or a bag.

Any Spices You Want

Then you want to think about gluten free spices you may use for various recipes. Keep up the spice in life with gluten-free cooking and great flavor. It is just a matter of understanding that you will have a lot of spices to learn because pretty much all of them, in their natural forms, are free of any gluten naturally.

gluten free spices

As Much as You Want

That means you can go wild with the spices. Just avoid pre-packaged spices and sauces. Even something as simple as soy sauce or teriyaki sauce could have traces of wheat protein in the guise of another ingredient. When you use only fresh herbs and spices, all natural, you can count on genuine flavor without chemicals.

You will be happy to know that garlic is gluten-free. Cumin, coriander, mustard, chili, lime leaves, saffron, nutmeg, and so many more spices are free of gluten too. As long as it is not wheat or wheat-like, or processed, it cannot contain any gluten. Go for the greens and the plant colors too.