Everything You Need To Know About Lighting To Start With

Think for a moment or two about the last time you were in a theater. You probably didn’t notice how the lighting changed to reflect the scenes, how it could make you think of being indoors, or sunrise, and, how did you know it was sunrise and not sunset.

Lighting is subtle, clever and yet at the same time obvious – you knew it was sunrise and not sunset didn’t you.

Ambient Illumination

This a lighting of a place – like the strip lights in the office so you can see to do the job, or a basketball court so you can play at night. It might provide a specific light type for a specific task, but basically it is just lighting.

Accent Illumination

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Use this lighting to draw interest to a specific item of interest. Bookcases may have accent lights on them for example, so might a water feature or pond.

Purpose lighting

Another type of lighting is that which does a specialist job such as landscape lighting jacksonville. Think about how a garden which looks lovely during the day can be transformed into a fairyland at night.

Outdoor lighting should:

Enhance visibility – outdoor lights help you see not provide a blinding glare.

Be a part of the night – not lighting the night as day

Not intrude next door neighbors – that’s plain rude.

Creating the right effect

Making the right effect with outdoor lighting needs some thinking about. Getting it wrong can be as negative as not having any at all. There are lots of internet resources which will provide clues and tips as to how to light an outdoor space.

You can also reach out to professionals who understand how to create the look you want and which lights to use.